Justice Bob Pemberton, Texas 3rd Court of Appeals

Bob Pemberton
The Pemberton Family


Friends ---

As the favorable outcome in my race became certain late Tuesday and I began to comprehend a calendar beyond Election Day again, it occurred to me that the Thanksgiving holiday is a mere two weeks from today. That seems fitting.

But today I give heartfelt thanks for your innumerable contributions to Tuesday’s victory—your votes. . . your influence among friends and neighbors. . . your displaying of signs and stickers that I hope do not leave much adhesive residue . . . all of the time, toil, and treasure with which you’ve gifted our campaign. Even more so, the Pemberton family gives thanks for your friendship and prayers, which have lifted and sustained us in ways beyond even those election returns.

(BTW, if you have a yard sign or 4x8, please save it because I can re-use it in a future campaign. If convenient to you, just drop it at your local Republican party headquarters or my front porch, or let us know where we can pick it up).

Of course, there were other races on the ballot, and I know that each of you had some that turned out less favorably than mine. But let us nonetheless marvel at the grandeur of a Constitution and laws that secure the People the freedom and responsibility to choose those who serve us in government, and peace and order as we so transfer the mantle of delegated power among our servants. So long as we preserve this Rule of Law, the aftermath of Election Day will, at least to this extent, be one for which we shall always give thanks.

I’ll continue doing my part to preserve that Rule of Law. Thank you again for entrusting me with that high charge.


Justice Bob Pemberton
Third Court of Appeals, Place 6