Justice Bob Pemberton, Texas 3rd Court of Appeals

Bob Pemberton
The Pemberton Family

Close-of-Filing Campaign Update

Dear Friends –

For a long while, it appeared that my campaign for re-election to Place 6 on the Third Court of Appeals might end at the filing deadline—through the original filing period and two extensions in December, and even through the first seven days of this month’s eight-day “re-opened” filing period, no opponent from any party surfaced to run against me. But that changed during the evening before the last day of “re-opened” filing, with the announcement of an “emergency” petition drive, mounted by some Austinites affiliated with the Democratic Party, to qualify a suddenly declared candidate to run against me in the November election. By the following morning, this “emergency” petition drive had evolved to supporting an altogether different candidate. Purportedly this signature-gathering was successful, and the more recent sudden candidate ultimately filed to run against me in the November election. I face no opposition in the Republican primary.

I was not the only Texas court of appeals justice targeted in this way—previously unopposed justices on other courts across the state similarly had Democratic Party opponents appear on the last day of filing. However, these sorts of partisan ballot-filling efforts are merely an occupational hazard of serving in an elected judiciary, and I will view this recent turn of events only as a positive, an opportunity to offer the People my qualifications and strong eight-year record of hard work and commitment to faithfully and neutrally applying our Constitution and laws.

To that end, I ask for your help as our campaign shifts its focus more directly to the November election. Please:

  • Sign up as a supporter of my campaign, display a sign or bumper sticker, and/or volunteer.
  • “Like” us on my campaign Facebook page.
  • Contribute financially — we’re off to a great start on fundraising, but will need considerable additional resources to communicate effectively with voters throughout the Third Court’s vast district.
  • Spread the word among your family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues.

Thank you again for the honor of serving you on the Third Court of Appeals for the past eight years—and for everything you do to keep me serving.