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Bob Pemberton
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Bar Poll Results—and a Big Thank You!


My sincere thanks to all of you who voted for me in the State Bar of Texas Judicial Poll and encouraged others to do the same. The results are now in, and I am honored to have been voted the best choice in Place 6 by almost 60% of those casting ballots. This result is especially heartening considering that the largest share of the Third Court’s district’s lawyers live or work in Austin and—while I am honored to serve them, as I am to serve all the people of the district many of these lawyers tend to share the staunch partisan leanings for which that city is known. In short, the Bar Poll results are a reflection of the strong, broad-based, and district-wide support with which I have been blessed throughout this campaign, and for which I am very grateful. And with your continued help, and the continued hard work of my campaign, the results bode well for the poll we’ll have in November.


Justice Bob Pemberton
Third Court of Appeals, Place 6