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Welcome Friends,

Thank you for visiting my campaign website. And, more importantly, thank you for the honor of serving you on Texas’s Third Court of Appeals since 2003—and for re-electing me in 2012 to serve you for six more years.

The work of the Third Court of Appeals is among the most challenging and critically important of any in the Texas judicial system. It is also very significant to me at a personal level. The Third Court serves a region of Central and West Texas where my family roots run six generations deep, and I still have my parents and a large extended family living here. I am also a husband and father myself, helping raise our family’s seventh generation in this region. With so much at stake—family legacies and honor from the past, our present peace and security, and hopes for our future—the work that I do to ensure us a strong, stable, and efficient legal system is profoundly important to me.

I have always viewed this job as a life calling. I grew up in what was then the small city of Temple, the son of a local lawyer, civic leader, and later trial court judge. Through him and many other similar role models and good examples I could look up to in our community, I absorbed at a young age a deep appreciation of that shared commitment and value that lies at the core of Texas’s and America’s greatness: that our society, unlike others before it, is one founded not on the whim of rulers, but on law—a Rule of Law—before which all stand equal, regardless of appearances or circumstances.

At the core of our Rule of Law must be judges who are committed to faithfully and neutrally applying the law, without fear or favor, come what may. Throughout my legal education and career, I always had dreams of serving my family, community, state, and nation as this kind of judge, and I sought out professional challenges that would prepare me well should that opportunity ever come. I was blessed with that opportunity a decade ago, at the relatively young age of 37. I have since remained true to the ideals that inspired me to serve in the first place, as reflected in the broad-based support I’ve been honored to receive in each of my campaigns.

I have also worked very hard for you. The sheer volume of work I have produced—the number of original opinions on the merits I have authored—has consistently ranked me among the top five of Texas’s 90+ court of appeals judges statewide during each of the years I’ve served, and I have ranked at the very top in two of those years. My productivity is but one reflection of my dedication to serving you well, and my gratitude for the opportunity to do so.

Please take the opportunity to visit the other pages on this site, where you can learn more about me, my judicial record and professional background, the Third Court of Appeals, and how you can keep in touch regarding periodic updates and future endeavors.

I ask for your vote and support so I can continue to serve you.

Bob Pemberton (signature)

Justice Bob Pemberton


Friends ---

As the favorable outcome in my race became certain late Tuesday and I began to comprehend a calendar beyond Election Day again, it occurred to me that the Thanksgiving holiday is a mere two weeks from today. That seems fitting.

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For a long while, it appeared that my campaign for re-election to Place 6 on the Third Court of Appeals might end at the filing deadline—through the original filing period and two extensions in December, and even through the first seven days of this month’s eight-day “re-opened” filing period, no opponent from any party surfaced to run against me. But that changed during the evening before the last day of “re-opened” filing, with the announcement of an “emergency” petition drive, mounted by some Austinites affiliated with the Democratic Party, to qualify a suddenly declared candidate to run against me in the November election.

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